III International Conference of Informationand Communication Technologies in Education


International Symposium in Educational Computing

Braga, 17th, 18th and 19th of September, 2003


 Competence Centre Nónio Séc. XXI of the University of Minho

The digital technologies contributed to the renewal of the treatment processes of the information and of the ways of communicating, promoting the development of new borages not only in the presentation of the contents but also in the interactive construction of the knowledge representations. This way, they turned possible the experience of cognitive and social immersion from simulation and micro worlds to the Web communities. Through the connection of the class room to the social and professional spaces the digital enables new ties between people and ideas and new opportunities to understand and to learn collaboratively in meaningfully communities.

Because the technologies influence the way the students learn and also what they may learn, and they promote the creation of the new environments and processes of teaching and learning, we would like to invite you to participate and to present a paper in this forum that will gather in an event group Challenges 2003 and 5 SIIE, accomplishments that have been affirming internationally in the recent past as places of debate and reflection about the challenges and experiences in the Education for the Knowledge Society.

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